Interior Design Guide: Making Your HDB Flat Look Luxurious

Interior Design Guide: Making Your HDB Flat Look Luxurious

Interior Design Guide: Making Your HDB Flat Look Luxurious

Rising property prices across the country means that you may have to drop a significant portion of your budget on your house alone, leaving you with less than expected for your home renovation project.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your home look luxurious. With a couple of strategic changes, you can make your HDB flat look expensive even if you’re on a budget.

In this article, we will cover a few simple ways to make your HDB flat look opulent.


Colour Scheme

A sophisticated colour scheme can completely transform your interior design and make it feel posh.

We recommend combining two complementary or contrasting colours, such as black and gold. Consider using neutrals like black, white, or grey as the primary colour and having gold, silver, navy, and emerald green—commonly associated with luxury—be the accent. If the latter few are used as the primary colour, your house may end up looking tacky.



Many new homeowners busy themselves with finding the perfect furniture pieces but overlook their walls, which are a critical part of the house and take up a lot of visual space. When you have bare walls, your home may look empty and lifeless.

Hence, you should consider hanging artwork on your walls. These pieces can add to the room a unique character and elevate your interior, creating a feeling of grandeur or drama.

These pieces do not necessarily have to be expensive; try visiting local stores or art fairs for an affordable option.



Though they may seem contradictory, minimalism can be compatible with luxuriousness.

The space may look gaudy when too many items are present and fighting for attention. It is better to have an uncluttered home so that only one or two items are highlighted. A restrained and simple interior ensures that truly high-quality items—whether a beautiful piece of art or an elegant dining table—are the stars of the show.


Replicate the Look of Expensive Materials 

Materials like marble, leather, and granite look good, but are extremely costly. As such, we recommend that you look for affordable substitutes.

For example, you could replace marble with quartz, which is more durable and stain-resistant. You could also use faux leather, which is not as high maintenance as the real thing.



You can create a dramatic and luxurious atmosphere that elevates your home with the right lighting.

One way to do so is to layer your lights; using multiple sources of light lends a sense of richness and complexity by adding depth and drama to the room. You should use ambient lighting to set the tone, accent lighting to highlight interesting features, and task lighting to provide illumination where needed.

You can also have the lighting fixture be a statement piece. For example, you could replace plain, recessed lights with pendant lights that create stunning aesthetic impact. Elegant floor lamps can also do the job; they act as eye-catching focal points that make the room look posh.



Transforming your HDB flat into a luxurious living space may seem daunting, but it is feasible, even if you’re on a budget. Making small changes like getting artwork and changing the lights can make a world of difference.

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