PS52 Alien Shape Vintage LED Spiral Filament Bulb


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– Brand: TLUX
– Lower wattage compared to tungsten bulb
– Less heat generated compared to traditional halogen bulbs
– Uneven contour surface design for better aesthetics
– Decorative bulbs that make the surrounding cosy and beautiful

Available model:
(Design A) 6 watt PS52 Spiral soft filament Amber casing vintage LED 2300K E27 bulb – S$42
(Design B) 6 watt PS52 Spiral soft filament Smoky Grey casing vintage LED 2300K E27 bulb – S$44

Height 290mm, Length 160mm, Depth 160mm

This vintage LED soft spiral filament bulb is suitable for vintage / industrial / retro style cafe, restaurant, office decor, room, loft or dining area.


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Design A, Design B

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