Safety Mark 15W Round Recessed Downlight Tricolour Preset

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Safety Mark 15W Round Recessed Downlight Tricolour Preset
As low as $22.00

High quality LED Tri-Tone/ Tri-Color/ 3-Color/ CCT changeable recessed Surface Panel Downlight (To be mount into false ceiling).


Product Description:

- Brand: TLUX

- Chip: Epistar

- Wattage: 15W

- Lumen: 110 lumen/w

- LED driver: Lifud isolated driver

- High quality and reliable LED driver which is Safety Mark certified on IEC 61347-2-13:2014 standard. (Safety mark certification number: 190061-12)

- Able to preset colour temperature of light (3000K warm white/ 4000K cool white/ 6000K daylight) by adjusting the colour temperature switch before installing.

- Thicker aluminium casing for better heat dissipation

- Modern and slick design

- Dimension: External face size - 13.5cm diameter, Cut-hole size - 11.5cm diameter, Depth - 3.5cm


Available model:

Round black - S$23

Round white - S$22




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