4 Ways to Decorate Your BTO Flat With Lighting Solutions

4 Ways to Decorate Your BTO Flat With Lighting Solutions

4 Ways to Decorate Your BTO Flat With Lighting Solutions

Your BTO (Build-to-Order) flat would not be complete without proper lighting. After all, lighting is critical in setting the mood and creating the desired ambience.

In addition, many individuals today follow a hybrid work model and require a conducive workspace at home—and this includes having good lighting. Therefore, many HDB homeowners are looking for lighting guides to assist with illuminating their homes.

This article covers a few ways you can decorate your flat with lighting solutions.


Maximise Natural Light

Before bringing in artificial light, it is essential to leverage natural light.

Exposure to sunlight is beneficial, especially for those working from home, as it boosts energy levels, increases feelings of calm and focus, and reduces stress without contributing to the electricity bill. Additionally, allowing natural light to enter your home makes the space more open and inviting, which is helpful in compact HDB apartments.

So, how can you maximise the power of natural light?

Firstly, you should paint your walls and ceiling white. Dark colours tend to absorb light while light colours help reflect lighting, emphasising the presence of natural daylight.

It is also best to push tall, bulky furniture away from the window. With everything out of the way, natural light can stream in unobstructed.

However, we understand that not all flats have large enough windows to allow sufficient natural light in. In this case, it is helpful to consider artificial lighting solutions.


Layer Lighting

By layering the light in your BTO flat, you can provide depth and character to the space while making it look more aesthetically pleasing. There are three types of lighting to consider.

Firstly, you have general or ambient lighting, which provides overall illumination to the space and does not focus on any particular feature or task. Ambient lighting typically comes from ceiling-mounted fixtures, such as recessed and pendant lights.

You should also bring in accent lighting to highlight specific objects or areas and create visual interest in a room. Common types of accent lights include track lights or wall sconces.

Finally, task lighting directly illuminates a work surface, allowing you to accomplish detailed tasks. Such lights include guidance lights or table lamps.


Choose a Suitable Colour Temperature

Different colour temperatures create different moods and ambience; hence, you should choose your lights’ colour temperature based on the vibe you are going for in a room.

For the bedroom or dining area, you would typically want a cosy and comfortable atmosphere that helps you to relax. Therefore, you would opt for a warmer light with a lower colour temperature.

On the other hand, you would want a cooler, more energising light in areas where you need to focus, such as the kitchen or study room. In such cases, a higher colour temperature is ideal.


Incorporate Statement Lighting

One way to create a visual impact in a room is to opt for statement fixture lights.

Pendant lights are an excellent way to add a dimension of style to your home. Consider installing them in the living or dining room, where there is typically more space for a touch of extravagance.



There are numerous ways to decorate your BTO flat with lighting solutions. By strategically adjusting the natural and artificial lighting in your home, you can completely transform the look and mood of your living space.

If you’re looking for suitable lighting in Singapore, check us out at TLUX. Our lighting store offers BTO lighting packages as well as various lighting solutions, including pendant lights, LED light strips, and track lighting.

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