Buying LED lightings: Online vs Offline

Buying LED lightings: Online vs Offline

LED lights have gained huge favor in recent years over conventional lighting options like incandescent lighting due to their energy efficiency and cost savings. Online shopping channels have provided consumers with an easy way to shop for LED lights, as people increasingly value convenience and perks, such as free delivery and heavy price discounts. However, not all online LED retailers are trustworthy or reliable, so are online channels really a better option for LED lights shopping, when compared to offline channels? 

In this article we outline some of the considerations when purchasing LED lights online:

Know the company you are working with

You want to ensure you purchase LED lights online from a company with a good track record and reputation, so do your research beforehand. Look for industry standard certifications and online reviews to see what other customers have to say. Make sure you are also aware of the key details before making your online purchase – as return policies, shipping charges, delivery policies vary from company to company.

Some online shops have physical shops can be “experience centres” for better shopping experience

Ever worried that your online purchase might turn out vastly different from what is advertised online? Some online stores, like TLUX Singapore, have a physical shop to complement their online stores. The physical store can serve as “experience centres” for buyers to first experience the LED lights and have a clearer idea of the product and specifications. This is something that cannot be offered by retailers who solely sell online. Consumers are also happy they can touch, feel and experience the LED lights, while being briefed and schooled with the right product knowledge.

Can offline shops actually provide better after sales service?

Many consumers value good after-sales service, for example, having staff physically present to attend to every minor query of a customer. They may be happy to replace the LED light product, if it is defective and the need arises. This is why when it comes to LED lights, many consumers still favor shops with a physical presence as there are perceived to provide better after sales service than their online counterparts.

Know Your Timeline

When shopping for LED lighting online, allow the right amount of time to keep your project on schedule. Some fixtures are made-to-order or shipped from overseas, and thus require a longer timeframe. If you have a critical timeline, make sure you work with a salesperson who can help you find something that works within your schedule.

Delivery of more fragile LED fixtures

Some materials e.g. glass used in LED lights and fixtures are more delicate and fragile. You should inspect such fixtures upon arrival to ensure no damages were sustained during delivery.  For greater peace of mind, you could also check if there are physical stores or self-collection options for online retailers, to minimize such risks of superficial or structural damages to your LED lights.


Like many online purchases, buying lighting online requires a little research and support. Being prepared and enlightened at the start will ensure you feel great about your online LED purchases.

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